Visions for rail

Rail transport is the future. Rail offers low friction, low air resistance and braking energy recycling. But these advantages can only be realised when capacity utilisation is sufficient. In Europe, outdated organisational structures and the unfair competition environment in relation to other modes of transport hinder the development of rail transport.

“Zukunftswerkstatt Schienenverkehr” (future laboratory for rail transport) is a consulting company established by Hans Leister. It offers consulting for enterprises in the rail and traffic sector and interim management services. Hans Leister has in-depth knowhow on rail transport and its actors in Germany, gained through more than 20 years’ experience, including in strategic planning for the capital region Berlin Brandenburg (1991 –1994), in the management of a number of traffic enterprises, and most recently with a large public transport system.

Availability: due to existing contracts, there is currently no capacity for further consultancies in the short term.